come on little gamma ray

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That time I drunkenly took selfies in the bathroom at my network’s holiday party.

I love that skirt. I need an excuse to wear it again.


this coat is so perfect

allisonrroot replied to your post:I did the worst thing.
If you try reeeeally hard you could probably get all the way to S7E1 by Sunday :P

Well let’s see, I’ve been watching since 3 and it’s now 8, I’m on S1E6… doesn’t look good :(

I will say I don’t think I’m sleeping tonight, either way.


Every day on our home page, we share a cartoon based on the day’s events. Today’s cartoon by Mick Stevens:
I did the worst thing.

I watched the Mad Men pilot.

I officially surrender the rest of my spring break.


SS14 Trend - Monochrome
I’ve done my own research into this year’s spring/summer collection and what the current trends are for the fashion world, and I can tell you that I died a little looking through them all. From monochrome, head to toe pastels and tribal print to huge 3D floral prints and sport luxe, spring/summer couldn’t get any more explosive.
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